Lithovit: What does the name mean?

The name Lithovit is derived from a combination of the Greek word “lithos”, meaning “stone”, and the Latin “vita”, meaning “life”. Thus Lithovit means “life-giving stone”.


What are the recommended quantities per application?
Different quantities and different times of application are recommended for each type of crop. To find precise details, please click Application.

Effectiveness and economic aspects

Where is the use of Lithovit most beneficial?

Wherever crops grow under conditions that are not close to the optimum, i.e. when conditions are unfavourable to growth and the crop is subject to the most varied stress factors. That is to say: almost everywhere where crops are grown! Lithovit supports natural growth: plants treated with Lithovit are more vigorous and healthier, they grow faster, are better able to cope with extreme conditions (e.g. periods of drought or excessive rainfall), are more resistant to diseases and pests and are guaranteed to produce higher yields, better quality and better keeping properties.


What does Tribodyn AG stand for?

Tribodyn AG is the developer and producer of the environmentally friendly and unique range of Lithovit  foliar fertilizers, which have proved themselves in applications in both organic and conventional agriculture and markets them through a worldwide network of national distribution partners. At present, seven series of special Lithovit products for all field crops and for grassland, fodder crops, intensive cultivation, horticulture and forestry guarantee commercial growers high yields and high quality, and that not only under unfavourable stress and growth conditions. Tribodyn AG’s highest objectives are to promote natural growth, to protect natural resources and to further the production of healthy foodstuffs in harmony with nature.