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Tribodyn constructs its own company building in Northeim - The silos are standing.

With an investment volume of around 6 million euros, Tribodyn AG is currently constructing its own company building in its hometown Northeim. In the approx. 1,500 sqm hall equipped with the latest technology, organic fertilizers will be produced within 2019 on. In conjunction with the three-storey administration wing (approximately 450 sqm) every production step will take place on the approximately 11,000 square meters of land, from development to the finished product, all from one source, all in Northeim.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, July 03, 2018, the three 20m high, bright green silos were delivered. Not only the CEOs Bernd Riedel (CEO), Nina Peilert (CSO) and Thomas Psyk (CFO) were on hand; The entire team of Tribodyn AG did not miss this milestone. During the night, three special transporters took off with the silos from Brackenheim (near Stuttgart) and reached the new building (Lange Lage 13 in Northeim) in the early morning hours. Each silo weighs around 10.5 tonnes and can accommodate about 170 cubic meters of content. With two heavy-duty cranes and a lot of expertise, the specialists installed the silos at their destinations during the morning. Tribodyn uses these in future for the storage of raw materials.

The expansion of staff is also an important topic. The merger of all production steps within the company not only ensures the high quality standards, but also creates numerous jobs. Tribodyn had five employees in 2016, and today the team counts already 20. By the end of 2019, this number is to be doubled. Among other things, highly qualified agricultural experts are being sought. Founded by Bernd and Verena Riedel in 2014, Tribodyn already delivers to more than 100 countries. The organic fertilizer of the family business optimizes the cultivation of crops, forage, intensive crops and grassland as well as horticulture and forestry. The raw material of the Tribodyn products is shell limestone, which is finely ground (tribody-namically activated) by means of a special process. Depending on the needs of the customers (plant type and / or soil condition) individual, biological additives are added. The high-concentration products are mixed with water (only about 3-5 g per liter) and the suspension is sprayed onto the leaves of the plants. So the nutrients can be absorbed directly through the leaf openings. Founder and CEO Bernd Riedel: "Our products are comparable to healthy organic cereals: Based on oatmeal, optimized with the different berries and / or nuts. Depending on who feels the best with what. This is how our special fertilizers, e.g. for cocoa, rice, soy, corn etc."

The water consumption compared to conventional fertilizers is reduced by 20 - 40 %, the crop yield and quality improved. The plants have an increased resistance and vitality, the green color is intensified. Farmers and governments around the world have confirmed their products to be highly efficient yet environmentally sound: Tribodyn's biological products help protect resources, grow naturally, and are certified organic (Bioland, Demeter). Of course, the ecological approach runs through the entire enterprise, from the products through the building (for example, powered by green electricity) to the team (for example, free e-filling station for on-site staff).