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New Lithovit® Special foliar fertilizers in the test phase

We at Tribodyn have used the German winter to develop new Lithovit® Special products for you. Besides our three existing Lithovit® Special foliar fertilizers for rice, maize and cocoa our R&D-team has continued to analyse the needs of different plants to achieve the best results for each cultivation. The base of every Special fertilizer is our Lithovit® which is enriched with essential trace elements and macro nutrients the plant needs to guarantee even higher and better crop yields.

Along with the official beginning of spring our team started the first testing phases and trials throughout Germany. Our Lithovit® foliar fertilizers are only leaving our warehouse after successfully completing our testing phase to optimize the results of your crops. This year we are especially focusing on the effect our Lithovit® products have against pest and insect infestation besides further enhancing crop yield and quality. What new types of Lithovit® Special foliar fertilizers we have developed for you and your plants will be revealed soon in our news section.