Lithovit® Guano 25 – the highly nutritious ecological NPK fertilizer with an admixture of 25 % fossil seabird guano.

Our ecological NPK foliar fertilizer contains 25 % fossil seabird guano. Essential trace elements increase the overall vitality of the plants.

What makes Lithovit® so special: Selected dolomite is tribodynamically activated by our special process and ground to a very fine size. It forms the basis for all our natural leaf fertilizers. Lithovit® is sprayed finely onto the leaf surfaces and absorbed directly. The carbonate reaction causes a significant increase in the CO2 concentration in the leaf and on its surface. In addition, silicon, magnesium and trace elements contribute to optimal plant growth.


There are basically three different times at which Lithovit® can be applied:
  • at the beginning of the vegetative phase / on planting out
  • at the time of flowering
  • during the time when the fruit is maturing

Lithovit® foliar fertilizer from Tribodyn can be applied once or several times, with an interval of at least 2 weeks, either separately or in combination with a plant protection agent.

Maximum dosage
0.5 kg/ha as a 0.15-0.2 % aqueous suspension (0,15-0,2 kg of Lithovit® per 100 l of water) with a pH value between 6 and 10. Suitable for any agricultural sprayer with an agitator or commercial garden sprayer. Wetting agents increase effectiveness and reduce spray stains.
Do not overdose. Store in a closed container in a dry place.


  • 50.0 % CaCO3 calcium carbonate
  • 28.0 % CaO calcium oxide
  • 5.0 %  MgO magnesium carbonate
  • 4.5 % SiO2 silicon dioxide
  • 1.5 % N total nitrogen
  • 0.6 % P205 phosphate
  • 0.6 % K2O potassium oxide
  • 0.5 % Fe iron
  • 0.01 % Mn manganese

Harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water.

For use as a foliar fertilizer on arable land or grassland, and in forestry and horticulture.

Certified for use in organic farming pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 - European Community.

Your benefits with Lithovit®

+ Higher photosynthesis rate and reduced water consumption
+ Improved crops yields, quality and storage properties
+ Accelarated growth and more intense green coloring
+ Increased tolerance to frost and drought
+ Enhanced resisting power and vitality, especially under physiological stress
+ Improved metabolic activities and the supply of plants with important trace elements
+ 100% Made in Germany: We produce in our own factory in Northeim, in the heart of Germany. Of course with 100% renewable energies
+ Sustainable & environmentally friendly:
Many Lithovit® products are certified for use in organic farming in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 - European Community.