Lithovit® Soil
a highly effective long-term granulate soil fertilizer / biostimulant , for professional use in garden, in horticulture, the greenhouse or the polytunnel.

Our ecological, long term soil granulate for professional use in garden, horticulture, greenhouse and foil tunnel.

Lithovit® Soil is characterized by micronized nutrient particles. The essential basic nutrients and additionally contained metabolically relevant trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc or manganese can be absorbed by the plants over a long period of time. This increases their resistance, growth and vitality. The highly effective soil fertilizer / biostimulant also activates soil life.


Combats soil acidification. Reduces on the quantity of fertilizer required, thereby alleviating pressure on ground water quality. One application of up to 5 kg of Lithovit® Soil fertilizer per 100 square metres of ground in the spring of each year, to be applied using a fertilizer spreader or added to the mixture in a fertilizer mixer, and worked gently into the soil.
Not suitable for plants that prefer an acid soil. Do not overdose. Store in a closed container in a dry place.


  • 60.0 % CaCO3 calcium carbonate
  • 35.0 % CaO calcium oxide
  • 2.0 % MgO magnesium oxide
  • 12.0 % SiO2 silicon dioxide
  • 1.0 % Fe iron
  • 0.02 % Mn manganese

Harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water.

Certified for use in organic farming pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 - European Community.

Your benefits with Lithovit®

+ Strengthens the biological equilibrium, the soil structure and the activity of organisms present in the soil
+ Enhances biological activity and humus formation, making nutrients more readily available to the plants
+ Activates soil organisms, optimizes biological decomposition processes and enhances the structure of the soil
+ 100 % Made in Germany: We develop and produce in-house, naturally with 100 % renewable energies.
+ Sustainable and eco-friendly: Lithovit® Soil consists of natural ingredients and is mostly suitable for organic farming according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 - European Community.