Made for growth

We, Tribodyn GmbH, develop and produce our highly innovative, environmentally friendly biostimulants & foliar fertilizers Lithovit®. With our contactless grinding process we process selected dolomite/.

limestone into microfine powder. This is how Lithovit® Standard is created - the basis for all our biostimulants & foliar fertilizers. From 1 kg bags to 20 kg paper bags to 1,000 kg big bags - we fill individually according to customer requirements.

We develop and produce our products 100% in Germany. When used in agriculture, additional use of machinery is only necessary in a few cases, as Lithovit® has good miscibility with common crop protection products. The ecological footprint and the impact on the fertilizer balance are minimal due to the use of Lithovit®. The modes of action described form the functional basis of the entire Lithovit ®-portfolio, whose products are each supplemented with specific nutrients.

Our Lithovit® Biostimulants & Foliar Fertilizers are environmentally friendly, promote reliable growth, deliver measurable value and will significantly increase your yields.

Our roots

In 2005, the married couple Bernd and Verena Riedel created the product Lithovit®. With great commitment, the two worked towards their goal of developing a highly effective, environmentally friendly foliar fertilizer that supports natural and strong growth, conserves dwindling resources and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Today, the company is run by daughters Nina Dettmer-Peilert and Sara Heinrich.

One goal. One team.

Different personalities - one motivation: to preserve nature and its biodiversity. We made this necessity our profession and "transforming agriculture" our common goal.

We are aware that highly productive agriculture is necessary for the ever-growing population and its healthy nutrition. But through rampant pesticide use, synthetic chemical fertilizers, and extensive monocultures, intensive, industrial agriculture is damaging our ecological balance. To preserve our ecosystem, we need a change in agriculture! A castle in the air? No.

With Lithovit®, we at Tribodyn are already making a significant contribution to combining these two premises and enabling sustainable agribusiness entirely without toxins. Because our high-quality fertilizers are completely harmless to humans, animals and nature, natural and yet highly efficient.

At home worldwide. Competent on site.

We market Lithovit® Biostimulants & Foliar Fertilizers worldwide. Within a short period of time, we have established worldwide logistics and professional on-site consulting with more than 30 experienced distribution partners. Thanks to our network we can offer you a perfect service on site. Fast. Reliably. According to your wishes.