Lithovit® Cocoa

Particularly suitable for tropical soils, takes into account the increased zinc and boron requirements of new cocoa varieties

This environmentally friendly foliar fertilizer / biostimulant is particularly suitable for tropical soils. The additionally contained trace elements such as zinc, boron, copper, manganese etc increase the overall vitality. The number of fertile flowers of the cacao tree increases and the yield increases.

What makes Lithovit® so special: With our own special high-tech grinding process, we process selected dolomite into micro-fine particles. It forms the basis for all our natural foliar fertilizers / biostimulants. Finely sprayed onto the leaf surfaces, Lithovit® is directly absorbed and causes a significant increase of the CO2 -concentration in the leaf as well as on its surface due to the carbonate reaction. In addition, silicon, magnesium and the trace elements contribute to optimal plant growth.


  • 33.0 % CaCO3 Calcium carbonate
  • 18.5 % CaO Calcium oxide
  • 4.5 % MgO Magnesium oxide
  • 0,5 % Fe Iron 
  • 0.05 % Mn Manganese

Additional macronutrients
  • 6.0 % N Total nitrogen
  • 6.0 % P2O5  Phosphate
  • 5.0 % K2O potassium oxide 
  • 5.0 % S Sulfur

Additional micronutrients and excipients 
  • 9.0 % SiO2 Silicon dioxide
  • 0.15 % Zn Zinc
  • 0.15 % B Boron
  • 0.05 % Cu Copper 
  • 0.005 % Mo Molybdenum 

Use as foliar fertilizer / biostimulant in arable and grassland, forestry and horticulture.  

Harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water.

Your advantages with Lithovit

+ Höhere Photosyntheserate und verminderter Wasserverbrauch
+ Gesteigerte Ernteerträge, Qualität und Lagerfähigkeit
+ Beschleunigter Wuchs und intensivere Grünfärbung
+ Erhöhte Toleranz gegenüber Frost und Trockenheit
+ Stärkere Widerstandskraft und Vitalität, besonders bei physiologischem Stress
+ Verbesserte Stoffwechselaktivitäten und Versorgung der Pflanzen mit wichtigen Spurenelementen
+ Absicherung gegenüber Mindererträgen
+ 100 % Made in Germany: Wir entwickeln und produzieren alle unsere Lithovit®-Produkte in Deutschland.
+ Nachhaltig, umweltfreundlich: Alle Lithovit® Biostimulanzien & Blattdünger bestehen aus natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen und sind größtenteils geeignet für den ökologischen Landbau gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 2018/848 – European Community.
+ Hochkonzentriertes Pulver als 0,5 %ige Suspension


Lithovit® Cocoa can be applied one or more times, with an interval of at least two weeks, separately or together with a Pflanzenschutzmaßnahme.

Minimum dosage
1 kg/ha as a 0.5 % suspension (0.5 kg Lithovit® per 100 l water) with a pH value between 6 and 10. Suitable for any agricultural Pflanzenschutzspritze with agitator or commercial garden sprayer. Wetting agents increase efficacy and reduce sprayflecks.

Do not overdose.
Store in a dry and closed place.