Effects of the sustainable biostimulants & foliar fertilizers Lithovit®

With our contactless grinding process, we process selected dolomite/limestone into microfine powder. It forms the basis for all our natural biostimulants & foliar fertilizers. Depending on the product type, we add various macro and trace elements. The highly concentrated powder is mixed with water (only 5 g per litre) and sprayed as a suspension onto the leaves of the plants with the plant sprayer or backpack sprayer. There it forms a valuable depot layer. The night moisture causes CO2 to accumulate. It comes from the ambient air or is excreted by the plant.

As the Lithovit® - CO2  combination dries during the day and the CO2 dissolves, this chemical reaction is reversed. The resulting increased CO2 concentration in the immediate vicinity of the leaves improves the photosynthesis rate of the plant. The plant grows stronger and more resistant. Thus, higher yields are achieved.

This process is repeated day after day and night after night. The small application of Lithovit® thus guarantees a large, positive effect on the plant and converts CO2 into biomass.

Thanks to foliar fertilization, even the smallest amounts guarantee a large effect. We add suitable trace elements such as manganese, zinc or copper to our products. These positively influence the plant physiology and increase its overall vitality. Complementary to the application of soil fertiliser, our biostimulants & foliar fertilizers alleviate and prevent latent or acute deficiencies in plant nutrition.

Discover the Lithovit® effects in detail.

Your benefits with Lithovit®

+ Higher photosynthesis rate and reduced water consumption
+ Increased harvest yields, quality and shelf life
+ Accelerated growth and more intensive green colouring
+ Increased tolerance to frost and drought
+ Stronger resistance and vitality, especially in physiological stress
+ Improved metabolic activities and supply of plants with important trace elements
+ Hedging against reduced earnings 
+ 100 % Made in Germany: We develop and produce all our Lithovit®-Products in Germany.
+ Sustainable and eco-friendly: All Lithovit® biostimulants & foliar fertilizers consist of natural ingredients and are mostly suitable for organic farming according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 - European Community.
+ Highly concentrated powder as 0.5 % suspension






The Lithovit® product family


The Classics

For the universal strengthening of all plant cultures we recommend e.g. Lithovit® Standard, Forte, Amino 25, Guano 25, Bor 05 or Urea 50.


For special crops

We offer special solutions for the application of certain crops, e.g. for maize, fruit, wine or hops.



Depending on the type of product, Lithovit® supplies all important nutrients and thus guarantees higher and better crop yields.