Sustainable foliar fertilizer in powder form

What makes Lithovit® so special: Selected dolomite is tribodynamically activated by our special process and ground to a very fine size. It forms the basis for all our natural leaf fertilizers. Lithovit® is sprayed finely onto the leaf surfaces and absorbed directly. The carbonate reaction causes a significant increase in the CO2 concentration in the leaf and on its surface. In addition, silicon, magnesium and trace elements contribute to optimal plant growth.

Certified for use in organic agriculture (being included in the FiBL inputs list, which evinces compliance with the requirements of, among others,  the Demeter, ECOVIN, Gäa and Naturland associations) and with its outstanding effectiveness confirmed by farmers and governments all over the world: that is Lithovit®, our highly innovative organic foliar fertilizer.

Your benefits with Lithovit®

+ Higher photosynthesis rate and reduced water consumption
+ Increased harvest yields, quality and shelf life
+ Accelerated growth and more intensive green colouring
+ Increased tolerance to frost and drought
+ Stronger resistance and vitality, especially in physiological stress
+ Improved metabolic activities and supply of plants with important trace element
+ Hedging against reduced earnings 
+ 100 % Made in Germany: We develop and produce in-house, naturally with 100 % renewable energies.
+ Sustainable and eco-friendly: All Lithovit® foliar fertilizers consist of natural ingredients and are mostly suitable for organic farming according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 - European Community.
+ Highly concentrated powder as 0.5 % suspension


The Lithovit® family of products

Our Lithovit® portfolio is orientated towards meeting the individual needs of farmers, wherever they may be in the world.

Our Classic products are reliable, highly effective foliar fertilizers, their composition providing just those ingredients that are required to deal with the results of particular deficiencies. Our Custom product line is optimized for use with individual types of crop. With Lithovit® Special, you will receive a premium foliar fertilizer that is precisely adapted to your requirements and produced individually for you: a product that simply sets standards.


The tried-and-tested Lithovit® Classic products are foliar fertilizers that can be used in many different circumstances, and which contain additional micronutrients and trace elements that influence the physiological development of the plants.



This high-grade product line consists of Lithovit® foliar fertilizers specifically adapted for use on maize, rice or cocoa. As far as all other crops are concerned, their growth can be enhanced by the use of Lithovit® Classic or of precisely adapted Lithovit® Custom foliar fertilizers.



Our Lithovit® Custom foliar fertilizers are individually manufactured and produced to meet your individual needs precisely. In determining their composition we are able to take into account all the relevant growth parameters of your crops and thus enable you to achieve sustainably high yields.