Lithovit® Guano 25

Ecological NPK fertilizer with 25% fossil sea bird guano.

Our ecological NPK foliar fertilizer contains 25% fossil seabird guano. Essential trace elements increase the overall vitality of the plants.

What makes Lithovit® so special: With our special grinding process we process selected dolomite into microfine particles. It forms the basis for all our natural biostimulants & foliar fertilizers. Finely sprayed onto the leaf surfaces, Lithovit® is directly absorbed and causes a significant increase in the CO2 -concentration in the leaf as well as on its surface due to the carbonate reaction. In addition, silicon, magnesium and the trace elements contribute to optimal plant growth.


  • 50.0 % CaCO3 Calcium carbonate
  • 28.0 % CaO Calcium oxide
  • 5.0 % MgO Magnesium oxide
  • 4.5 % SiO2 silicon oxide
  • 1.5 % N Total nitrogen
  • 0.6 % P205 Phosphate
  • 0.6 % K2O potassium oxide
  • 0,5 % Fe Iron
  • 0.01 % Mn Manganese

Use as foliar fertilizer in arable and grassland, forestry and horticulture.  

Harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water.

Lithovit® Guano 25 complies with the following regulations/directives:

  • Listed in the farm input list for organic farming in Germany.
  • Geeignet für den konventionellen und ökologischen Landbau gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 2018/848 – European Community.

Your advantages with Lithovit

+ Higher photosynthesis rate and reduced water consumption
+ Increased crop yields, quality and storability
+ Accelerated growth and more intensive green coloration
+ Increased tolerance to frost and drought
+ Stronger resistance and vitality, especially under physiological stress
+ Improved metabolic activities and supply of important trace elements to the plants
+ Protection against reduced yields
+ 100% Made in Germany: We develop and produce all our Lithovit® products in Germany.
+ Sustainable, environmentally friendly: All Lithovit® Biostimulants & Foliar Fertilizers consist of natural ingredients and are mostly suitable for organic farming according to Regulation (EC) No. 2018/848 - European Community.
+ Highly concentrated powder as 0.5 % suspension.


We recommend three basic application periods:

  • Application in the vegetative phase / with planting,
  • Application at flowering time and
  • Application during the ripening of the fruit.

® Guano 25 can be applied one or more times, with an interval of at least 2 weeks, separately or together with a plant protection measure.

Minimum dosage

0.5 kg/ha as 0.2% suspension (0.2 kg Lithovit® per 100 l water) with pH between 6 and 10. Suitable for any agricultural Pflanzenschutz sprayer with agitator or commercial garden sprayer. Wetting agents increase efficacy and reduce sprayflecks.

Do not overdose.
Store in a dry and closed place.