Made for growth

We, the public limited company Tribodyn GmbH, develop and produce our highly innovative organic biostimulants & foliar fertilizers of the Lithovit® range. We use our own high-tech milling process to grind Lithovit® down into microfine particles. By adding further organic ingredients that are attuned to a customer’s specific requirements, we are able to produce - In addition to the six classic variants, we also offer products tailored to specific plant crops.


All of our products are developed and produced 100% in Germany. Even when used in agriculture, additional use of machinery is only necessary in a few cases, as Lithovit® has good miscibility with common crop protection measures. The ecological footprint and the impact on the fertilizer balance are minimal through the use of Lithovit®. The modes of action described form the functional basis of the entire Lithovit® portfolio, whose products are each supplemented with specific nutrients.

Our Lithovit® biostimulants & foliar fertilizers is environmentally friendly, promotes reliable growth, delivers measurable added value and will enhance your yields significantly.


Our roots

Tribodyn was founded in 2014 by the husband-and-wife team of Bernd and Verena Riedel. Both were strongly committed to the objective of developing a highly effective ecological foliar fertilizer that would support strong natural growth, protect our ever scarcer natural resources and yet be completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Today the company is run by their daughters Nina Dettmer-Peilert and Sara Heinrich.

A single team: a single objective.

We all share the same motivation: to conserve nature and natural diversity. We have made it our vocation to pursue this essential objective, and have adopted “transforming agriculture” as our common goal.

We are very much aware of the fact that it is essential for agriculture to be highly productive if it is to provide healthy food for the world’s constantly growing population. In fact, however, our intensive and industrialized agriculture is damaging the ecological balance through the excessive use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers and through the widespread prevalence of monoculture. To preserve our ecosystem, we need a fundamental turnaround in agriculture. Pie in the sky? No, not in the least! We at Tribodyn, with our Lithovit® products, are already making a substantial contribution to bringing these two premises together and making it possible to pursue sustainable commercial agriculture completely without the use of poisonous substances. Because our organic fertilizers are completely harmless to humans, animals and nature; they are natural products, and nevertheless highly effective.

Global presence. Local competence.

Tribodyn markets its Lithovit® foliar fertilizers all over the world. Within a very short time, we have built up global logistics systems and local advisory services with more than 30 highly competent distribution partners. Thanks to our network we can offer you perfect service right on the spot - wherever you may be. Quickly – reliably – and just as you want it.